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To my followers.

& everyone who has encouraged and believed I could go places with my music, I want to say thank you. My forth self-titled album ‘Folk Songs’ will be on iTunes within a few weeks. So keep tuned and keep listening, and I’ll keep singing.

Title: Devil Inside Of You Artist: Ryan Escalante 31 plays

Devil Inside Of You - (Original) Song by : Ryan Escalante

To conclude ‘Folk Songs’…

I will be posting the last song tomorrow afternoon. I’m excited about this one, think you will be too. Stay tuned friends…

- Ryan

Title: A Reflection Of Beauty Artist: Ryan Escalante 2 plays

A Reflection Of Beauty - (Original) song by : Ryan Escalante

It’s funny really, we spend our lives worrying about tomorrow and in the end only wanting to get back yesterday.

Ryan Escalante

I’m only ‘me’ when accompanied by guitar.

Ryan Escalante
Title: Turn Right Back Artist: Ryan Escalante 129 plays

Turn Right Back - (Original) Song By Ryan Escalante

Title: Gone Baby Gone Artist: Ryan Escalante 59 plays

Gone Baby Gone - Ryan Escalante 

Brand new song off upcoming album ‘Folk Songs.’

Title: Carry On Artist: Ryan Escalante 69 plays

Carry On - Original Song By Ryan Escalante

Title: I'm A Loner (A Rebel) Artist: Ryan Escalante 119 plays

I’m A Loner (A Rebel) - July, 2013

Original Instrumental by Ryan Escalante

Working on a song

  • Probably the longest I've ever taken with one; I think you'll all like it.

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Download all my albums for FREE. To all my new friends and fans, spread the word, I love you all.

- Ryan

brandnewlungs-deactivated201305 asked: Wow, just found your blog and your music is amazing. Keep creating, keep experimenting, your art is beautiful :)

So sweet, your words mean so much to me. You have brightened my day I hope you know, I will continue to create and experiment and I hope that you will always listen.



Title: Morning Routine Artist: Ryan Escalante 49 plays

Morning Routine - April, 2013

maybiize asked: My beautiful daughter Eloïse has heard your almost equally beautiful song (smile). We love this song and would like to learn it. Could you post the lyrics. (I am lame at guitar but will try to figure out the chords - unless you could share that too???) It was a pleasure discovering your music. Mary, mother of Eloïse

Not only does this touch my heart, but also my soul. It brightens my day to hear that my music can touch so many beautiful people out there, to me there’s nothing that can compare.

At that point in my life I did not write down any of my music, just recorded and came up with it on the spot. However, after reading your message I took the time to pull out my guitar and write down all the chords & lyrics. I hope you sing this to your daughter always, thank you for kind words and appreciation.

G                         D                        C                        G            

I was a young boy when our eyes did meet

C                         D                        C                        G

You were my neighbor my friend you see

G                         D                        C                        G            

We threw pebbles in the old creek

C                         D                        C                        G

Abandoned our good shoes and ran in bare feet

G                         D                        C                        G

And as we got older my dear Eloise

C                        D                        C                        G

I fell in love your love is so sweet

C                        D                        C            D

What do you feel when you look in to me

C                        A7

Oh my sweet Eloise

G                         D                        C                        G

Now we’re much older my love I confess

C                         D                        C                        G

You’ll walk down the aisle in your mothers dress

G                         D                        C                        G

I’ll never stop loving you any less if you just say yes

EM                         A             A7                        D

I’m still falling for you….

C                         D                         C             D

What do you feel when you look into me

C                        A7

Oh my sweet Eloise

EM        A            A7     D              G

I’m still falling for you