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Emmaline In Christmas Time - 12/12

My beautiful niece :) I love her very, very much.

NEW pictures up today.

Of my little sunshine, miss Ava love. Stay tuned….

Our Children’s book is almost at a wrap!

I have been working on Backyard Adventures with my best friend John for a couple months now, sorry I took sometime in between with a writers block. We only have a few pages left for me to write, and for John to illustrate. 


pumpkin patch! - Oct/2011

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New information on my children’s book

I will be finishing it up here real soon, my illustrator John Turnbeaugh; has only a few pages left to illustrate but of course I have to write about five more pages (not a big deal). Thinking on selling it as an ebook at first through then when I make enough revenue I will be selling paper and hardcover copies as well that (hopefully) will be distributed to places like Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, etc. Of course I still have publishing, marketing, distribution, and things to go over with some of the people at To cut the the chase, things are running smoothly and I hope to have this book out very soon! Here is another preview

Pg. 2

"Jeffrey was Nicholas’ best friend. Each day they would explore something new like combat in the garden with stick guns and water balloons."

Ava Love Escalante

The only girl who has my heart.

Playtime - May, 2011

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"Felt like spring"

Feb, 2011