Title: Devil Inside Of You Artist: Ryan Escalante 28 plays

Devil Inside Of You - (Original) Song by : Ryan Escalante

To conclude ‘Folk Songs’…

I will be posting the last song tomorrow afternoon. I’m excited about this one, think you will be too. Stay tuned friends…

- Ryan

Title: The Moon Song Artist: Ryan Escalante 10 plays

The Moon Song - Original song by : Ryan Escalante

Title: A Reflection Of Beauty Artist: Ryan Escalante 8 plays

A Reflection Of Beauty - (Original) song by : Ryan Escalante

Title: Glad You're Here Artist: Ryan Escalante 10 plays

Glad You’re Here - (Original) song by: Ryan Escalante

It’s funny really, we spend our lives worrying about tomorrow and in the end only wanting to get back yesterday.

Ryan Escalante

I’m only ‘me’ when accompanied by guitar.

Ryan Escalante
Title: Baby Artist: Ryan Escalante 59 plays

Baby - (Original) Song By Ryan Escalante

Title: These Days Artist: Ryan Escalante 151 plays

These Days - (Original) Song By Ryan Escalante

Title: Turn Right Back Artist: Ryan Escalante 129 plays

Turn Right Back - (Original) Song By Ryan Escalante

Fort Bragg, CA - 2012

Last night @ The Gypsy Shack, Jamestown.

I miss my snow

Title: Sea Of Love Artist: Devil & The Deep Blue 159 plays

Sea Of Love - Devil & The Deep Blue

Devil & The Deep Blue - 2013

I have started up a band recently with my friend Jessie Anne, and best friend John Turnbeaugh. I’m very excited to get this going, so please stay tuned.